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Friday, July 9, 2010

So where do you get coupons?

Starting out I already knew where to get some coupons.. but some people ask me where do you get all your coupons???

Well I always answer Newspaper, All you magazine , and printing them off of websites....

Well I wanted to go through and give you a better idea if you are unaware where I collect them all from!

I say newspaper loosely because there as we know are so many newspapers but if you want to know what newspaper the coupons are going to be in you can check out these two websites


Red Plum

There is another coupon insert that comes in the newspapers however there is no website to locate which newspaper it will be in .. however if the p&g comes in it then most likely it will be in that one as well :)

All you magazine is amazing not only is it a regular magazine but it also has $90+ in coupon savings in it.. You can buy this magazine at walmart it cost around $2 maybe a little more i forget right at this second.. either way you will save a whole heck of a lot more then you spend on it.. This magazine also has a webpage that is chocked full of money saving ideas, but dont forget that they also have coupons on there as well click here to check it out!!!

Printable coupons, I know scary right , if you get a coupon that is good then you are good but if you get one of those fraudulent coupons then its considered shoplifting So make sure you get your coupons from a reputable site!!! I cannot stress that enough because "People" who manufacture fraudulent coupons  they are ruining all the savings that honest couponers could have had!

Here are a few sites that are reputable

There are a few amazing websites that i visit all the time because they are constantly updating their pages

Thats where i grab all my coupon deals I hope that has helped out some of you with questions... If you have any other sites that are great for coupons please fill free to comment I am always learning and I love it!!!


Kelli said...

I get my coupons from all the places you listed but I love to go to warehouse market here in Tulsa because they always have coupons hanging that are really good ones.

First Time COUPONER said...

Thats excellent.. I should look there I never thought of it!!! You are so smart...

Kelli said...

LOL. Thanks! Do you live near one? You should really check it out if you do.