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Friday, July 9, 2010

Another give away :)

At the beginning of this month I gave away a shirt... 

Well I will be giving a shirt away  again at the first of August !The shirt will display this logo embroidered on it .. Personally I think this logo is so cute....   The give away will be done through a random drawing the rules are easy.. The shirts are embroidered from the loving hands of Katrina Wayne at Writely Sew Embroidery She not only does embroidery but so much more.. like screen printing ... She also can sew wedding dresses and costumes , ( She  sewed her own wedding dress and it was beautiful) there is actually a picture of it on her web-page here

Her actual web-page is here  and it is a work in progress , however, you can submit your logo or needs and she will work with you to provide the best design and craftsmanship on your project ... 

*Follow my blog
*write a comment letting me know your interest in this give away , post comments on this post and this post only if it is posted elsewhere I will not be able to place you in this drawing it is done by a random counter so ....Just make sure you post it here :)

* make sure in your comment that you post your email... otherwise I will not have a way to contact you

Thats it...
no hoops to jump through ... Just follow my blog and write a comment that includes your email!

The give away will take place August 1st at 4pm... after the drawing i will contact you through email so be sure to include your email and if you would like your blog site in your comment so i can check out your page ...

Good luck you guys :)

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