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Monday, July 12, 2010

Mailbox treats july 12 2010

Today In my mail .. well you can tell it was sort of full  (( I am providing a list of the what i got and where I got it from .. These offers may or may not be around still because it does take 6-8 weeks to receive most of them... )(( offers with a strike through them are not available any longer :(      ))

sample of propel and it comes with a coupon click here

Eos  sample of  shaving cream click here

pantine shampoo and conditioner which also came with a coupon click here

Proglide razor which came with coupons click here

sample of  naturemaid  vitamin D chewable  click here

p &g coupons so many coupons click here

Pampers cruisers it came with 3 pampers in it (I cannot remember where I found this offer sry)

pampers extra protection it came with 2 diapers in the package click here

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