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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today for me...

So today and the last few days I have been reorganizing my way of doing coupons, I have done a post previously about the different ways to do your coupons but I am trying to figure out what works for me !  So, for the last 2 months I have tried the coupon basket.. which is a basket with some dividers and you put your coupons in it like a mini file cabinet , which is great.. and if you can keep it up good for you , but it seems like more work then anything... I have tried the coupon organizer .. and that is just hard to be at the store and go through your collection of coupons.... I have also puled out coupons that I intend on using and wrote them down .. the problem with this one is you don't have all your coupons with you and we have all been there looking at a great price and saying man i could make this so much better if i had that stupid coupon... Eh , oh well..

So My new adventure... The coupon binder.. I have heard nothing but good things about this method.. even the 918couponqueen uses this method! So I feel very optimistic about this !

So what is a coupon binder you might ask...


*  3 ring binder
*  2 or more packs of the clear baseball card holders (the 9 per page kind)
*  dividers or you can make your own...

I set mine up in a 2 inch binder( when there is a good sale i will get a 3-4 inch binder) ,  I used 2 packs of baseball card holders( they were on sale at walmart normally close to $6, they were closer to $5 ), and i used one sheet of paper and made my own dividers and put a piece of tape on the paper and stuck it to the baseball card holder...

the way i divided my binder is
*fast food/restaurants
*chips / nuts
*paper products( thats anything from toilet paper to paper plates)
*can goods
*box foods
*makeup / hair dye
*air fresheners / candles
* sauces
*cake mixes
*office supplies
*toothbrush / paste / floss / mouthwash
*feminine products
*fruit/ snacks / bars
*shampoo / conditioner / body wash
*pb / j
*frozen foods
*misc. / baking / household goods
*bug spray
*ice cream
*coffee / tea

I am not going to lie, it will take some time to set this up I just hope it saves me time in the future...

1 comment:

Kelli said...

It is tons of work and takes a lot to keep it up! Make sure you dont get behind because it is crazy if you do! I am actually trying to rethink how I do mine. The binder is just not working for me right now. It's great to have because you will always have all your coupons at hand but gosh it is tons of work!