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Friday, June 11, 2010

Walmart, not what it used to Be!

I must say that usually I have a wonderful time shopping at Walmart , however this time I did not... I was using two coupons not stacked or anything and usually they have no problem taking coupons ... anyway with that said I was reading on another blog that you can get a free trial size of Tresume they are around $0.97 for the hairspray , and hair gel... the coupon is for $1 ANY tresume product and I have already used one at Target and they had no problems with me using this particular coupon... well the lady scanned it and it was giving her problems or she didn't scan it write or whatever it was she held onto my coupon and told me my total well you know that you can see the items that were scanned and I always look to make sure that everything has been rang up right. I didn't see my coupon on there so I told the woman and she told me I was wrong. I asked her very nicely to double check... she acted like she was irritated with me however she did check saw that it was not on there and tried to scan it again something came up on the screen and then she said that the coupon was a fraud and I told her that I had gotten the coupon from so she got the manager over there and NORMALLY I wouldn't care so much but if I am told a coupon is a fraud I want to make sure so I am not trying to use it anywhere else and when you use fraudulent coupons you are a thief and I truly felt like she was calling me a thief. The manager came over gave me a dirty look and told me that it was  a fraudulent coupon and I told her that I had gotten it from she then decided to scan it .. when she scanned it it worked and she didn't apologize or anything...

I really was offended by the whole thing I wasn't trying to take anything out of the store without paying I was just using coupons which is perfectly legal. If you have had a similar experience I would love to hear it... Please comment!!!

Thanks to all my readers
I really appreciate you !

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Kelli said...

First of all I love what you have done to your site! Second of all is there a "not cool" button I can click for this? LOL
Wal-Mart was completely in the wrong and they should be reported to headquarters. I would do that if I were you so they are aware of their employees and Managers treating customers like this. That is not ok at all! Sorry you had a bad experience. I can't believe just because the coupon beeped they called it fraud! Next time that happens have then use the handheld scanner. It works much much better.