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Monday, June 7, 2010

Todays Shopping Trip

to go to any online coupon that i have used click here they would be on here if they are still available.. if you cannot find the coupon use area code 74008 or 90210 click here

1-2 liter Dr Pepper $1.49 on sale for $0.99

2- Wishbone salad dressing $3.19 Buy one get one free  plus $1.00 off coupon that doubles
 so i paid $1.19 for both of them from Sunday paper

2-Taco bell fajita seasoning packages $1.00 sale for $0.89  plus a $1.00 off coupon that doubles
 online coupon

1- kraft cheesie explosion $1.39 had a coupon from manufacturer for a free box so free

1- Cream of  wheat $2.49 had a coupon for $1.00 that doubled so I paid $0.49
                                                                           used online coupon
1- Lance 100 calorie crackers  $2.99   used coupon $1.00 off doubled paid $0.99 
got from

2- betty crocker suddenly salad $2.49 Buy one get one free plus a coupon from Sunday paper
  for $0.50 off  that doubles so i paid 1.49  for both of them

 1 - Always pads  $3.75 they were on sale for  $3.19 and i had a coupon                                                            being girl   it takes a while to get the sample but it comes  with a coupon

1 - Bar s Polish sausage  $1.99 I wrote to bar s and they sent me a $5 certificate
 and i used it on this plus the bacon

1-Bar s Bacon  $3.69 and it was on sale for $3.39   used this with
$5 certificate

1- Red River Ranch Beef finger steak $2.51   Used $2.00 off coupon so I paid $0.51

1- Rainbow bread  $2.69  on sale for $0.99

All of this I bought for $9.87  , Coupons are a powerful weapon for sure


Super Coupon Lady said...

Great shopping! I wish we had a Homeland's, that's so awesome that they double coupons up to $1.00!!! Gotta love that!

First Time COUPONER said...

Well truth be told I didn't even know that homeland doubled until recently I what stores double coupons in my area... and that's how i found out ! But maybe one day homeland will expand where their stores are located and they will build one near you :)