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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Todays shopping trip May 19, 2010

in this pic there is a ton of food ... I worked with a friend who is teaching me how to do this better then i already knew how to use coupons .. there is 2 cheetos mighty zingers, one pack of bic pen,s 3 boxes of hamburger helper, 1 bag of wacky mac , 2 kc masterpiece bbq sauce, 2 kens salad dressing, 1 hunts ketchup, 1 spicy brown mustard, 1 land o frost deli shaved ham, 3 cans of manwich, 1 bag of sargenteno low sodium cheese ,1 box of lance 8 pack crackers,1 Oscar meyer turkey bacon, 2 Bar-S bologna , one lloyds pulled pork , 1 best life butter, 1 red river ranch beef stir fry meat, one Hormel pork chops,1 owen brick chili, one dr pepper, one diet coke,2 boxes of weatables nut crisps , 3 boxes of smart taste pasta.. all for 21.09 .. coupons are truly a weapon

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