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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thursday , May 13 2010

Hello world I am new at couponing and its not a new thing... obviously... Many of the sites that are out there are for experienced couponers .. I am not one of them.. I thought it would be a refreshing thing to create a blog to share my experiences with the world and to get feed back from people as I learn and get better at this whole thing. First of all... It all started with a friend posting something on their facebook and her blog is .

So please add her she is the one who started all this to begin with ... so she deserves all the credit...

Anyway, I was on facebook late one night and I like everyone am addicted to facebook... She posted this thing about how she went to a store and bought all these things and only spent a small amount! It totally caught my attention ! She explained and I have been clippin every since ...

When I go to other well known web pages I am totally confused by all the shorthand that they are written in so I will try to avoid that when I write mine out.

So here we go..

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